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Welcome to the website of the JSC Shipyard Liman
Welcome to the website of “Liman”, JSC Shipyard – the leading Ukrainian Mega Yacht building yard, which deals with building of luxury mega yachts. Our shipyard was the first and the only in Ukraine to have implemented the project of building of Luxury class Mega yachts (Super Yachts), which can compete with yachts of European manufacturers.
The shipyard “Liman” designs and builds yachts taking into account all wishes of the customers. We have the possibility of building and repair of mega yachts, vessels, which length overall is up to 70 m and dock weight is up to 800 MT. Our shipyard has the capacities and experience of building of yachts and ships of shipbuilding steel and aluminium alloy.

The building process is carried out under supervision and upon approval of globally known classification societies such as Bureau Veritas (France), the Russian Maritime Shipping Register, the Shipping Register of Ukraine, CE-certification etc.
The shipyard renders services on designing, building, repair, dock inspection, register survey, winter docking, modernisation and renovation of yachts and ships.

The shipyard has free “slots” in present time for building of yachts with the length:
- up to 50-70 meters - 1 slot
- up to 50 meters - 1 slot
- up to 30 meters - 2 slots

The following yachts are under construction now:
- 47 m Motor Mega yacht, project “Ob – 47”
- 40 m Motor mega yacht, project 09140 «SKIF»
- 30 m Sailing mega yacht, project 09133
- 30 m Sailing mega yacht, project 09139 - Yacht for sale
- 18 m Sailing yacht, project 09146 - Yacht for sale

Last Projects: