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About the company LIMAN.
  • Joint Stock Company Shipbuilding yard LIMAN (before August 2000 Black Sea Ship repair yard) was established as an independent company in 1886 on the basis of Nikolaev Commercial Sea Port workshops. For a long time the main activity of the company was ship repair.

    Since 1933 the profile of the factory has started to change. Besides ordinary ship repair operations the factory started to build dumb barges, floating dock structures, lighters. The production of metallic structures for hydro technical construction was developed at the shipyard.

    The principal customers of the shipyard then were the companies of the former USSR dealing with building of ports and hydro technical constructions. In early 90s the company undertook to project of yacht building. Two 26,7m motor-sailing schooners of “Aquaton-88” type were built at our shipyard. These were the first Mega yachts built in the former USSR but already in sovereign Ukraine. One of these yachts now is used as a training yacht in Spanish navy. The shipyard also implemented the project of building of small fishing ships for fishing companies of Black Sea and Sea of Azov. This project was supported by the government of Ukraine and was financed by Innovation Fund.
    The shipyard started to receive requests of the customers, which bout old written-off military boats, for their renovation and modernisation. And the shipyard began to carry out repair, upgrading and renovation of these boats. At the same time the shipyard started to produce and install furniture for such yachts. One of such projects – motor yacht “MRIYA” (Dream) renovation project 09111b and motor yacht BURAN (Blizzard) renovation project 09111. Thanks to such renovation projects the shipyard gained its first experience of work with precious wood, installation of ship systems and equipment. The shipyards succeed in reprocessing and lying of teakwood panels on the deck.

    In 1995 the shipyard went private and was reorganised into open joint stock company. The appearance of new owners resulted in production of steel, plastic and aluminium alloy sailing, motor sailing yachts and boats for different purposes in addition to traditional activity. In 2002 the company was rebranded into JSC “Shipbuilding yard “Liman”. The shipyard received orders for building of yachts (over 30m long) of steel and aluminium alloy. Since 2000 the main activity of the company has been yacht building. Nevertheless ship repairing is still important and the shipyard spends a lot of efforts for it because thanks to it we preserve the possibility of addressing of customers for repairing and maintenance of exactly Mega yachts. In summer 2002 the first Luxury class Sailing Mega yacht was laid at the building slot of the company. Today “Shipyard “Liman” carries out building of Mega yachts, ships, and boats starting from designing and coordination and finishing with delivery to the customer of the ready-to-use yacht. The building process is supervised by globally known classification societies such as: Bureau Veritas (France), the Russian Maritime Shipping Register, the Ukrainian Shipping Register, CE-certification etc. We use only equipment and engines of the best world producers thus guaranteeing high quality, reliability of our yachts and allowing our yachts to compete with foreign analogues already now.

    Our shipyard carries out building of Mega yachts at own premises and on its own. The shipyard independently assembles and welds hulls of steel and aluminium alloy, installs equipment and machinery, paints hulls. The shipyard also on its own carries out production, processing and installation of furniture for yachts of precious wood such as cotto, mahogany and vovon etc., and plating of the deck with teak.

    The shipyard has own design centre. The design centre works with modern means of automatic designing, such as «TRIBON», «AUTOCAD» etc. Availability of own design centre gives the possibility to design interior and exterior of yachts in accordance with all wishes of the customers. Our design centre is able to design, test any hull and yacht with consideration of all wishes of the customers.

    The shipyard takes into consideration all wishes of the customer at yacht building, i.e. we may produce various design and exterior on the basis of one hull. We offer to the customers several variants of equipment which conforms to the requirements of classification societies, and the customer decides between the variants offered. We may offer to our customers both services on interior design and services of leading world mega yacht designers. We may built also yacht both “turnkey”, i.e. completely ready for operation with ready interior finishing and yacht without interior finishing, which can sail to any other shipyard for the following interior finishing there. The company employs over 250 people, without taking into account counteragents, which carries out secondary works at our shipyard in the process of building of yacht. We have all capacities for building of yachts, ships and boats up to 70m long and with dock weight up to 800MT. At the present time we build pilot boats, high-speed patrol boats for costal guard, and floating dock structures for yacht clubs and of course Mega yachts.

    Last Projects: