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Design centre
For the purpose of solving of all problems related to designing the design centre (DC) was created at the shipyard LIMAN in 2002. Creation of such a centre was necessary for decreasing of time of the designing and building of yachts, for operational interaction between designers, builders and customers. So now the time of building of mega yachts is decreased to 1,5-2 years. By organisation the DC subordinates to Engineering Board, which deals with a complete cycle of works on creation of modern yachts/ships and which also deals with works on designing, preparation of production, technical maintenance of yacht repair. The Quality Control Department deals with the quality system.

The design centre (DC) is an independent structural subdivision of the shipyard and carries out designing works for building, upgrading or retrofitting of yachts/vessels and self-floating structures. The design centre consists of specialized design offices dealing with designing matters and developing technological preparation team within the structure of hull office in accordance with the following scheme:

Possibility of application of modern information technologies and high professional level of employees of the design centre allows to solve the problems of designing of new yachts and ships, and, partially, of preparation of production and maintenance of building process. The design centre has developed a number of projects during its existing.

The design centre, as a designing organisation, obtained the certificate of acknowledgement of the Shipping Register of Ukraine. Design works are carried out pursuant to the rules of various classification societies: the Shipping Register of Ukraine, the Russian Maritime Shipping Register, Bureau Veritas, CE-certification. We also take an active part in developing of documents of the shipyard quality system. The design centre of the shipyard LIMAN participates in annual seminars INFOBLAS (section of automated design, CALS technologies, standardization) and keeps in touch with “related” companies and organisations.
The design centre performs development of design documents not only for the shipyard LIMAN but also for other customers such as both Ukrainian and foreign shipbuilding yards and designing organisations.
List of design works during 2002-2006
09127 Motor sailing yacht Classification and production projects
09128 Self-lifting platform Classification project
09132 Pilot ship Classification and production projects
09133 Motor sailing yacht Classification and production projects
09138 Motor sailing yacht Classification project 09139 Motor sailing yacht Classification project 09140 Motor Megayacht Classification and production projects 176 Tanker Production project (hull) as counteragent „b-47” Motor mega yacht Production project (electricity, rigging, ventilation, air conditioning) as counteragent -4 Delivered tugboat Renovation project (hull)
- Bearing pontoons Production project (hull, pipelines, electricity, rigging) as counteragent
Shipping berth Production project (hull, pipelines, electricity) as counteragent

Project of the motor sailing yacht 09127 “Anna”, 09133, 09139

Project of the pilot boat 09132 «Guard»


Tanker, project 176
Built at Riga shipyard, Latvia
Design centre developed documents on hull and details and also loft documents

Project of the super yacht 09140 «Skif»

Project -1 Design centre developed 3-D model of hull structures on information provided by the customer

Project „b 47”
Design centre developed documents as the counteragent (Production project: electricity, rigging, ventilation, air conditioning)


Last Projects: