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Длина наибольшая, м (футов) 52 (170)
Длина по КВЛ, м 37,5
Ширина наибольшая , м 8,6
Осадка, м 4,5
Водоизмещение, т 320,00
Площадь основных парусов, м кв. 10 432
Двигатель «CATRERPILLAR», л/с 1200
Скорость под парусами, уз 20
Скорость под двигателем, уз 16
Dibley Marine, Новая Зеландия

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New Zealand and Russia combine Technical and Building support for new Superyacht

Dibley Marine Ltd, New Zealand based yacht designers, have combined forces with NZ based “Aries Pacific Ltd.” to design and manage the build of a new 170-foot [52-metre] Traditional Schooner currently being built in Russia. Built from the best Russian Oak on a stainless steel backbone, this yacht will also feature the latest in systems and comfort expected from today’s superyacht. She is designed to be cruised and chartered by her Owner and his family all over the world. The infrastructure used to build this schooner will serve the construction of further Superyachts that are customized to suit the requirements of any new owners.

The design and build Team unites New Zealand professionalism and Russian experience in wooden boatbuilding. At 170 feet [52-metre] this yacht, to be named IMPERIA, will be the largest privately owned yacht to be built and launched in Russia. Though traditional in appearance, she will incorporate the latest in world technology which includes Carbon Fibre masts with a thin veneer of wood designed in to give the look of traditional wooden spars. All sailing systems will be by hydraulic or electric command and the latest in communication and electronics will be on hand to make sailing easy and effortless. The safety level of the schooner will comply with full MCA requirements.

The Russian arm of the design team is organised by Victor Labusov and run by Aleksey Soloviov and Sergey Grebenchikov. They came up with the general concept, hull form and structural engineering as well as being on site during the build. Kevin Dibley of Dibley Marine Limited, is looking after the overall design management of the project and runs the New Zealand arm of the design team. Dibley will work closely with the Russian design team, System Designers, Riggers, Sailmakers and Equipment suppliers to ensure this yacht is the most up to date vessel in terms of technology and function. Bringing these two teams together and running the overall project, is Alex Kirichuk of Aries Pacific Limited.

As a result of many years of the International “Team Imperia’s” hard work, the yachting world will soon meet this classic beauty – a unique classical schooner of the ХХI century. The hull will be presented to the public in 2006, and the completed yacht – planned for 2007. And what about the future? Experience, gained during the construction of this schooner, is expected to be used in the construction of future environmentally friendly yachts, designed in the “New Classic” style. Watch this space.

Team of Imperia
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